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Global Trade Management system (GTMS): web-based international commercial buying and selling which streamlines international trade from introduction to transaction and logistics. learn more>


Enterprise Resilience Solution (ERS): a web-based supply chain risk management system that enables companies to better plan and respond quickly to changes and disruptions in demand, supply and product. learn more>


GlobeCom21 delivers a breakthrough in the innovation of global trade and logistics management while simultaneously lowering the risk of participating in the global markets. Companies can advertise their proposals, negotiate agreements, manage trade documents and consummate all logistics service. They can collaborate with trade and supply chain partners to bring more visibility and resiliency to the operations.

GlobeCom21™ Corporation delivers the much anticipated single portal to global trade by combining its two trade software to create the “World Trade Exchange” system (WTX).

The Trade Management software enables companies to source, contract and arrange logistics.

The Supply Chain Resiliency software enables companies, their trade partners and supply chain to collaborate in increasing visibility to increase performance and customer satisfaction by developing contingency plans and quicker response to constant changes and disruptions in demand, supply and product, keeping profits at their optimum levels.

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