Globecom21™ offers a range of services in the cloud, including infrastructure, platform, application and solution management. Hybrid Cloud - Combined cloud and dedicated environments for specific site and application requirements.

Consulting Services

Preventative Options
We deploy Best Practices, architecture guidance and assistance to provide the best in preventative measures

Personalized Approach
We put the customer at the center of everything we do and provide the consulting services that maximize benefits for your organization

Product Expertise
Capitalizing on our industry and product knowledge to enable Rapid Deployment based on best practices

Our certified and experienced consultants are driven by Successful Results

Proactive Advice
Providing Strategy & Planning, Upgrade & Adoption Assessments and Operational Readiness

Consulting Rollout Blueprint


Superior Customer Support Expertise

Globecom21 value and trust – As a leader in new Industry4.0 IOT Platform is committed to helping our customers achieve success and excellence in their businesses. That’s why we place the highest priority on earning trust through the delivery of exceptional value to our customers.

Our highly trained DataSar Customer Support employees rapidly resolve urgent issues using troubleshooting, critical thinking and analytical skills to keep IT operations running efficiently.

Innovation – Our customers get DataSar new releases and software updates at no extra charge. DataSar supports all major releases for 5 years and offers Extended Maintenance options to upgrade on your own schedule.

Proactivity – Our service and support options help management teams achieve reliability, peak system performance, process effectiveness and operational efficiency with DataSar solutions.