Manufacturing 4.0

A Road Map for IT/OT Convergence and Data-Driven Decision Making

Information technology/operational technology (IT/OT) convergence is a rising priority for all manufacturers, but many companies approach it in an inefficient manner. It’s not IT versus OT or vice versa; the goal is to respect and understand the value of each group and work together as a whole. Success in the digital age will hinge upon data utilization — the most forward-thinking manufacturers work on becoming data-driven in their decision making.

Manufacturers should view IT/OT convergence across three horizons to create a strategic road map for transformation:

  • Align, communicate, and enable cooperation for innovation, compliance, and security.
  • Maximize the value of operational data through merged data streams, AI, and OPM.
  • Accelerate data-driven decision making to empower resilience.