Digital Transformation for an Intelligent Convergent Enterprise, with Blockchain, IoT and AI


Intelligent Convergent Enterprise is Globecom21 new (innovative) platform.  In IceBlox™ we have digitized the traditional business operations with a convergent Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), to provide a new kind of Platforms for enterprise, to complete its digital transformation in Selling, Buying, managing an Autonomous Supply Chain and conducting Global Commerce.


The new disruptive innovation, which will transform and re-define how business is done.

IceBlox™ Enabling the autonomous supply chain

There are four key components to the autonomous supply chain:

Digital business ecosystem: A digital business ecosystem ensures that information being exchanged across a trading partner community is in electronic format. To ensure that100 percent of trading partners are exchanging information electronically, companies can connect all trading partners, regardless of size or technical capability, to the same business network. This helps ensure that B2B transactions are being exchanged seamlessly and that this information can be leveraged in downstream analytics or AI platforms. Establishing the digital foundation should be job No. 1 for any digital transformation project. IceBlox™ ensures such transformation happens through its converged Sell-Side & Buy-Side platforms, while its Supply Chain platform extends and manages the enterprise B2B relationships.

Internet of Things: Establishing a digital representation or digital twin of a product, piece of equipment or even production line should also be on a company’s agenda. IceBlox™ IoT sensor information can be leveraged to not only identify where a shipment is while moving through the supply chain (leveraging IBM Trade Lens logistic platform) but also monitor its condition, for example measuring temperature and humidity.  Globecom21 leverages its IoT platform DataSar embedded in IceBlox™ to stand to transform B2B supply chain practices, from improving replenishment processes through to improving the uptime and availability of serviceable assets, such as commercial vehicle fleets, and production line equipment.

Artificial intelligence: Deriving insights relating to supply chain performance is a key goal for many companies. Globecom21 leverages its analytics platform embedded in IceBlox™ determine, for example, the best-performing trading partner, will help its customer companies optimize and improve their supply chain operations. Feeding IoT sensor information into IceBlox™ AI platform takes decision-making to the next level. Feeding sensor data of a digital ecosystem into IceBlox™ AI platform will help to determine the ‘likely’ future operational performance of the product.

Blockchain: In its simplest form, IceBlox™ uses Ethereum blockchain platform to generate a trustless, immutable, distributed ledger of information that archives B2B transaction and IoT sensor data (with embedded DataSar IoT platform and integrated IBM World Wire payment platform). The immutable nature of the information archived in a Blockchain means that it cannot be falsified, ultimately leading to greater transparency and, as a result, improved trust from partners and customers, for example, exploring track and trace use cases or knowing the provenance of goods or raw materials as they move through the supply chain

Ethical supply chains with IceBlox

 What is an ethical supply chain?

An ethical supply chain is one in which workers’ and human rights, animal rights, and environmental concerns are properly weighed when business decisions are made. Knowing the provenance of goods or raw materials

What is ethical supply chain management?

Many organizations create their own ethical supply chain codes, which their suppliers must comply with, but over recent decades this has become codified in international law. Transparency is key to ensuring ethics are maintained throughout a supply chain. Organizations need to know who their suppliers are—beyond the first tier.