Prime-SIGMA solution offers powerful tools to ingest data from IoT and other sources. View, convert raw data and analyze it into shareable formats, including data visualization, business intelligence and artificial intelligence. In addition to gathering and preparing valuable data from smart devices, Prime-SIGMA provides tools for real-time monitoring and reporting, helping users make instant decisions based on momentary events and other considerations. The real-time streaming of powerful insights helps decision makers adjust and improve processes when these devices are involved, without waiting for lengthy reports.

For a connected business, there might be hundreds or thousands of advanced data sets to ingest each day. This data might include information about how devices are used, working conditions, and prescriptive analytics. Prime-SIGMA offer methods for visualizing, analyzing, organizing, and exploring real-time and historical data generated by disparate IoT devices. Most businesses collect overwhelming amounts of enterprise IoT data. Prime-SIGMA help determine the most relevant and actionable insights based on connected applications and their corresponding strategies and goals.

Key Benefits of Prime-SIGMA (IoT Analytics)

  • Synthesize data generated by a network of smart devices and IoT sensors
  • Maximize ROI for diverse connected platforms across an organization
  • Shape operational strategies using prescriptive and predictive analytics
  • Identify the most relevant insights for data analytics and translate them into visualizations for easy consumption and analysis
  • Make noteworthy data points from IoT networks searchable and accessible for future reference