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GlobeCom21 is one of the leading providers of cutting edge technology solutions in the space of Risk and Emergency Management.

figure 1: Enterprise Resiliency Cycle

The Enterprise Resilience Solution (ERS™) is the principal offering. This software platform comprises of three software applications: ERM (Enterprise Risk Management), GEM (Global Emergency Management) and MEM (Medical Emergency Management).
UniSafe™ (University Safety and Security Solution) is an example of the easy adaptation of ERS, in this case for a university environment.

figure showing ERS comprises ERM and GEM
figure 2

ERS is able to identify risks, assign them to assets, assess and analyze their relevancy to the enterprise, recommend mitigations, compare current status of mitigation, activate the operation of mitigations priorities necessary to reduce or eliminate risks, and then prepare to respond and recover for risks that can not be avoided or eliminated.

ERS has extensive and intelligent ways to browse, search, sort and combine the data, and guides the user towards finding the high risk areas of his enterprise.
ERS uses mathematics & linear programming to form and compare scenarios that can determine what strategies will optimize the best use of resources to mitigate and reduce risks.

ERS is able to use and share accumulated data and risks and mitigation processes to let companies collaborate with their partners and supply chains.

ERS is able to learn from accumulated data and give suggestions. It can pool the data used by all companies for a certain Risk, and make suggestions for mitigation, and also keep track of Incidents that have happened, and learn from the results of the responses and recovery methodologies that have been implemented. It will also improve on the suggested probability and impact for the Risk, using the actual frequency and reported impact of the incident.

One of the possible interactions with the system is via a guided questionaire, that will branch of according to the answers given.
It would go something like this:
Q: In which industry do you operate?
A: Information technology
Q: How many employees do you have?
A: 3200
Q: How many building do own?
A: none
Q: How many buildings do you rent?
A: 2
Q: How much is your budget for mitigation
A: $ 1,000,000

Then it will propose Risks identifications, Assets threatened, Mitigation measures, Reduction of risk scenarios, Preparedness methodologies for response and recovery.

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