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Medical Emergency Management (MEM)

Enabling the Medical Emergency Managers: In Incidents or Major Pandemic Events
Paramedics can pull the casualty's EMR on their hand held devices using the casualty's Social Security Number or using a Biometric authentication. This provides the paramedics immense advantage in treating the patient in providing him the first aid. MEM allows paramedics to trap the patient's current medical information using hand held devices. This information is synchronized with MEM central database using wireless technologies. Paramedics can select the right hospital to treat the patient. To help the paramedics do this, MEM provides the paramedics with all nearby hospital details, including the hospital specialty and the number of available beds. MEM uses web services and XML based connectors to port data from variety of medical monitoring devices and Telemedicine equipments regarding the patient's health indicators while he is being transported from the accident site to the hospital. Once at site, paramedics have access to casualty historical health data. This increases their efficacy in taking decisions at the spot. Paramedics have access to hospitals details like specialists availability, free beds availability, etc which allows them to select the right hospital for the casualty. This data will be synchronized within the MEM central database.

Enabling Hospitals and Doctors
Much before the patient reaches the hospital, MEM pushes the following patient data to the doctor either through web, fax, e-mail or by integrating with the hospital legacy system. Spot evaluation done by Paramedics is trapped by them on their hand held devices, which is automatically synchronized with the casualty’s historical medical data. Even before the ambulance starts moving, this data is made available to the right doctor in the selected hospital.

Incident Orchestration with Family and Primary physician
GEM provides Incident Managers robust tools for orchestrating the activities for any incident. This orchestration not only streamlines operations and optimum utilization and deployment of resources, it maintains a common thread for information flow throughout the workflow. To carry the story ahead, the patient’s family physician and family is contacted automatically by GEMs, informing them about the casualty and the hospital where the patient is being shifted.

Flexible EMRs
MEM is equipped with a robust EMR for profiling any individual's medical records. This EMR is flexible and can be configured by the medical fraternity to increase / decrease details based on their experiences.

Global Access
MEM provides multiple access methods to patient EMRs. The EMRs can be accessed through any browser, hand held devices or can be integrated with hospital legacy systems using XML based web services. Pandemic Management Most experts agree that the question is not if another flu pandemic will occur but when. Three conditions must be met to result in a pandemic:

  1. The emergence of a new flu strain
  2. The ability of that strain to infect humans and cause serious illness
  3. The ability to spread easily among humans
The single greatest challenge in case of a pandemic is to eliminate the need and the inefficiencies of office-based visits. Through the use of nearly ubiquitous information technologies, MEM is able to provide an additional set of “connection points” that allow the individual/employee to use the services of the health provider community without having to leave their work or home environment.

MEM’s platform objective is to extend the office visits and enhance the capabilities of the provider to customize treatment programs for the individual remotely.

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