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Global Trade Management system (GTMS™)

GTMS™ is an innovative solution for comprehensive, web-based international commercial buying and selling; addressing the emerging global business and the necessary e-commerce solution for the much needed efficiency and cost reductions. The system focuses exclusively on meeting the unique requirements of online international trade and companies with global operations, from both the sales and purchasing/e-procurement sides. GTMS's online extranet solutions and market place streamline the customer value chain by Web-enabling and managing online direct and indirect customer, supplier and sales channel relationships. The system is a comprehensive and innovative approach for streamlining international trade from introduction to transaction and logistics. It performs the following functions:

  • It starts with allowing parties to create their own individual profiles on-line
  • It then makes proper introductions and with a push alert
  • It will enable each organization to create its process and procedures for trade
  • It recommends a common process for the trade agreement to proceed
  • It enables parties to negotiate their desired and agreed term sheet
  • The trade agreement will be utilized to create all proper documents such as Bill of lading, Export declaration, Insurance request, Finance request application and others

figure 1

The above form will be sent to logistics companies like Shipping companies, freight forwards, customs broker, banks and insurance companies.

Today the world has seen how effective e-commerce and auction shopping markets can be and how they have evolved to become a significant tool for buying and selling and transacting. However they have been primarily been utilized for consumer and selling MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) type goods. The next generation solutions, however, will enable online marketplaces to support the kind of negotiated interaction among suppliers and buyers of manufactured goods that will further expand the B2B e-commerce market worldwide.

figure 2

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