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Enterprise Resilience Solution (ERS)

GlobeCom21 is uniquely positioned as the only developer of a comprehensive, seamless end-to-end solution for enterprise risk and emergency management: Enterprise Resilience Solution (ERS).

Our goal is to set a new global standard in providing efficiency and managing risk for companies involved in international trade or with global operations. ERS provides such companies a flexible, simple to use and inexpensive risk & crisis management solution, to better understand and manage their trading partners. It enables companies to make risk & security management a critical part of the strategic landscape of the organizational approach to supply and demand chain management.

Operations performance is increasingly defined by how fast companies act and how well they react to supply chain volatility caused by unexpected changes in demand and supply. The effectiveness of decisions and actions in response to these changes can dramatically impact inventory control and strongly influence business profitability or margin loss.

ERS arms organizations with knowledge, supports them in their decisions and enables them to efficiently take actions to better manage their risks and ensure their business continuity.

ERS Solution
figure 1: ERS Solution

  • ERS is able to identify and classify risks that threaten an enterprise, asses and analyze their relevancy to the organization and relate them to assets and trading partners operations that must be protected.
  • ERS proposes and optimizes mitigation measures for each risk, recommended by best practices and experts and then assists in preparing prevention plans as well as plans for response and recovery for risks that cannot be avoided or eliminated through prevention.
  • ERS monitors critical internal and external data based on pre-set parameters so it might be able to detect & predict possible incidents.
  • When an incident happens ERS automatically notifies and alerts all pre-assigned parties, automatically assembles the proper plan of action and loads it into a virtual command and control center, which is automatically activated and ready to conduct operations to oversee the crisis, and lets all stakeholders cooperate in a predefined though flexible manner.
  • Based on pre-defined roles assigned employee’s tasks, procedures, documents & functions are assembled and activated and delivered through PCs, handheld devices and phones. Assigned employees are in turn able to report back progress, by which the plan of action is updated.
  • ERS is able to learn from accumulated data and give suggestions. It can pool the data used by all organizations for a certain risk, and make suggestions for mitigation, and also keep track of incidents that have happened, and learn from the results of the responses and recovery methodologies that have been implemented. It will also improve on the suggested probability and impact for the risk, using the actual frequency and reported impact of past incidents.
  • ERS promotes continued education for everybody involved, via alerts, courses, feedback, forums, data-mining & anonymous collaboration and surveys. ERS is an open platform which can easily integrate with other services like web (xml) services, HR packages and ERP systems.

Response to events & incidents
Once the system is properly planned and information entered the system is ready to alert parties to prevention as well as being prepared to efficiently and effectively deal with incidents.

figure 2: GEM - Pre-Incident & Incident Management

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