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About Us

During the last three years, GlobeCom21 has developed two robust and comprehensive software platforms with specific applications for international trade management and supply chain risk management. GlobeCom21 is uniquely positioned to leverage its vast experience and network of organizations and professionals to best support its customers to maximize their profit by taking advantage of this new era of global business opportunities while minimizing the risks involved in global business.

GlobeCom21 Corporation was founded in Washington, DC by its CEO, Dr. Mady Jalinous in 2003. Mr. Jalinous has had his uniquely qualified software development group for over 15 years. The same development group supported Mr. Jalinous in his previous successful startups: Unibex, which was in the business of creating large exchange and market places , it was sold to its venture investor First Data Corporation. Prior to Unibex Jalinous founded “Global Business Alliance” corporation with its revolutionary product IBEX in 1996. Global Business Alliance Corporation was a consortium of eight Fortune 500 global companies to launch and promote the first International business exchange network (IBEX). IBEX was an on-line global trading service that allowed companies to source, negotiate and develop business world-wide on a wide area network (extranets) over AT&T lines. IBEX linked together six thousand businesses in 34 countries. Alliance partners included: The United States Chamber of Commerce, AT&T, GE, AIG, IBM, Dun and Bradstreet, Simon and Schuster, Chase Manhattan Bank and Deloitte and Touche. GlobeCom21 Corporation in the last two years was involved in consulting global companies like Accenture in building their Business Resilience practice to offer solution to clients to increase their business and supply chain resilience.

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